Ed Peneguy

Bassist -- Vocalist -- High Entergy Performer



          The Kingfish "Dwight King"

        Gone but NOT forgotten !!!





                        Performed with over the years and at present:

PLUS Countless Spots With:

The Nobels; The Contours: The Spades; The Squires; The Counts; The Summer Blues;
The Esquires; The Dominoes; The Satisfiers; Summer Breeze; and many more..


1988 - Recorded vocal on "If Ever I Cease To Love" with Kingsroe on Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide which sold World Wide..

1989 - Present Charter Member of  New Orleans Musician's Alumni Association (NOMAA)

2002 - Inducted into Louisiana Music Hall of Fame with Kingsroe

2004 - Inducted into Louisiana Music Hall of Fame with New Orleans Ragtime Dixieland (NORD) Jazz Band


SHARED STAGE WITH: Frankie Ford, Dr. John, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Frank Sinatra, Jr, Ronnie Kole, Sammy Davis, Jr., Fats Domino, Dennis Quaid, Bobby Blanc, Lou Sino (of the Louis Prima Fame), Aubry Twins, Irma Thomas, Benny Spellman, Ernie K-Doe, Oliver Morgan, Roland Stone, Art Sevan, Billy Bell, Nicky Demar, Joe Barry, Jimmy V., Bobby Cure, Tommy Ridgley, Ronnie Lamarque, Harry Lee, Danny Hevert, Harvey Jesus, Richie Smith, Charlie Miller, Jerry Byrne, Al Jackson, Bobby Lonero, Laren Munch, Ray Crovetto, Dwight King, Jimmy Cotton, J.V.Papania, Al Normand, Barry Nunez, Art Rider, and many more...


Special Thanks to three guys that got me into the music business; for having faith and putting up with me;

Guitarist / Singer: Pat Alonzo Guitarist: Glen Caluda and Drummer: Bobby Schlogel

We all became "The Gems" until we went to serve Uncle Sam.


Phone:  (504)-615-3894

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